Phil Jordan is a contemporary designer silversmith based in Leicestershire. In 2008, after graduating from Sheffield with a BA (Hons) in Metalwork & Jewellery, Phil became an active member of the Contemporary British Silversmiths and began his career as a self-employed silversmith.  He splits his time between producing his own work and running courses for those who wish to explore the craft – he loves what he does and enjoys sharing that with others, no matter their skill level.


Phil creates his silverware from his own designs, which he then sells throughout the UK at various exhibitions, galleries and shops such as Goldsmiths’ Fair (London) and Payne & Son (Oxford). He also produces work for specific commissions (see commissions page) and is always keen to satisfy the desires of his clients.  His work is influenced by his fascination with both the fluidity of nature and the contrasting geometric rigidity of contemporary architecture.  Recently, he has explored a third avenue, inspired by the concept of never-ending forms such as the Möbius strip and other mathematically formulated patterns.  This has led to the development of his new range of work.


To meld these opposing concepts within his pieces, Phil chooses rules that he wants the piece to obey, which are used to develop the final design. He then uses various hammering techniques such as raising, forging and chasing that specifically lend themselves to producing a very free and natural form. In this way, Phil allows the silver a certain amount of influence over its final shape.  The hammer marks created during the making of the piece are often left on the surface of the silver to show the journey from paper design to the finished silverware that you see before you.


Another style that he has used in exploring his inspirations is the fabrication of sheet silverware.  This also draws upon his long-standing fascination with geometry, engineering and mathematics and the ways in which these disciplines can be used to produce accurate representations of area and volume within vessels.


Alongside producing his own work, Phil has spent a lot of time teaching jewellery making and silversmithing.  He holds a PTLLS teaching qualification and has taught an evening class for mixed abilities for several years, both in London and now Leicester.  In his classes, he likes to support the students in developing their own designs and producing them – this work is usually very varied, ranging from simple silver rings, spoon making and raising bowls all the way through to complex guided silverware projects.  He finds this type of work very rewarding and enjoys it immensely. Phil has his own specialist teaching space where he teaches a range of classes and short courses and also takes on long-term students.